The Doc Wong Clear Creek Fundraiser Clinic was fun. We rode with the intermediate group of 12 guys ranging from a 12 year old to a crusty old expert. JoeRacer led the ride and and was either overly optimistic of the groups collective abilities or a sadist.
Our first loose rocky hillclimb (T139) was a challenge for 2/3 of the group especially the guy on the DRZ400S with street tires.
After 20 min. of failed attempts, Drill Sergeant Joe came down the hill and said "This hill separates the men from the boys, and there's a 12 year old at the top" (new nickname "ScottyMan").
All I could hear at this point were some heavy sighs and some faint groaning sounds. We all made it to the top with the only casualties being a few bruised egos and a broken turn signal.
Joe Racer
Street tire Suzuki
Scotty Man
We are now going South on R005 until we get to R007 and then we hit the singletrack. We zig-zag for a half mile and then we hit the good stuff and slowly crawl down the knee deep rut until it clears out at the bottom of a steep loose hillclimb with virtually no run at the bottom. Jim and I were sweeping so we hung back and watched the fun for a good 15 min. "Street tire guy" was really struggling at this point and handed his bike off to Doc to ride it up. Jim and I climbed the hill and watched the last few make it to the top.
Jim Kennedy
Another 15 min goes by and no sign of Doc, so I head down the hill and look for him on the bailout trails. I found him at the bottom and we headed for the "easy line". Doc says "Let's trade bikes Carl", so we trade and it's now my turn to ride "street tire bike". Two attempts and I can only make it to the first bailout trail....dang this dirt is loose! I slide "street tire bike" all the way to the bottom and try it once again. Here I go past the first bailout, past the second and now I can see 11 guys on the hillside ready to catch "street tire bike" when she falls. I'm almost there and now the back tire is all over the place, so I apply liberal doses of body English here and there and "street tire bike" makes it to the summit.
The group is now en route to the "Playground" or "Lumps" via Four Corners and R008. After a short break we ride the paved road toward T145 when "ScottyMan" throws a chain and wads it up at the swingarm. Thankfully Jim was fully prepared with a tool pack and plenty of willingness to help a lending hand. We regroup and proceed up the rutted singletrack of T145. We encountered only one loose rocky uphill bottleneck that required me and Drill Sergeant Joe to push and shove a few weary riders to the top. We are now headed back to camp on T147, T141, R007 and back to the Salinas Ramblers property.
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the routes chosen for this group, but Drill Sergeant Joe made a good call and pushed every one beyond their comfort zone. It was really amazing to see the newer riders learn so quickly and build their confidence.
Thank you Doc Wong, Drill Sergeant Joe, Ed (Motion Pro), Ed Tobin and the SRMC for the use of their property.
Carl Anderson
Alfredo & Scott
Thanks Carl for the update, wish I could have been there.

RCC Webmaster

Some kind words and a thank you from our friend Ed Tobin.

Please pass along my thanks to Jim Kennedy and Carl Anderson for their help yesterday (Nov 6, 2005) greeting riders at the entrance to Clear Creek. We raised $227 for the legal defense fund that I will forward to the BRC tomorrow. I know that you two have done quite a bit to educate club members and fellow riders about the battle for Clear Creek and will support you should you wish to apply for a slot at the Dirt Rider 24 Hour event.Good luck with getting permission from Mike to use his property again

Also attached are a couple of pics from yesterday.

Again, thanks, Ed

Ed Tobin, Joe and Doc Wong. Thanks Guys for all your hard work.

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